PMW Realty Partners is committed to helping our clients understand and excel
in the world of commercial real estate. Our success is directly correlated to the success of our clients,
with an approach framed around a tenacious understanding of the market, alignment of client goals to
market forces, and our values: Honesty, Integrity, and Experience.

PMW Realty Partners offers expansive solutions for clients in the sales, leasing, and asset
management of commercial property. Clients look to PMW Realty Partners for market
insights/analysis, transactional opportunities, and information that is both actionable and help
drive long-term profitable outcomes.

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PMW Realty Partners have a hands-on approach to leasing, with the goal of maximizing the asset value of a property or entire portfolio. The PMW team utilizes their vast experience and deep understanding of the market to drive the optimal outcome for their clients.


The Tenant Advisory team at PMW focuses on aligning client’s real estate needs by advising the client’s decision-making with extensive market research, site selection, creative solutions and ultimately facilitating all aspects of a successful transaction process.

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PMW Realty Partners has extensive experience in the Sale & Acquisition of Owner/Occupied and Investment assets on both the principal and transactional side. Our team utilizes that experience along with market analysis and due diligence aggregation to best align client’s long-term strategy with current market forces, culminating in a seamless transactional process and the creation of additional opportunity for the client.


Along with transactional guidance, our experienced team provides comprehensive analysis and valuation support to clients. Whether it is individual property or portfolio valuations, market and submarket analysis, historical and active comparable aggregation, or current market insights,
PMW professionals create value and provide clients with the edge they are looking for.